Freedom & Fashion

so… something is happening to the brains of the people in charge of starting trends. the latest in disaster trends are the sweater tied around your shoulder… (aka the Carlton) and Mantiehose. (pantiehose for MEN). 

= Problems.

I understand when it comes to finding beauty and style in everything, even the ugly things. However, this is taking it way too far. I am totally against these trends and will not support them in any way. Not that I would really make a difference as I am not influential in the fashion world. (i wish.) Ok, the sweater thing might not be a huge threat, but its SOOO preppy! Just when my heart was filled with joy that preppy was slowly disappearing, it crawled back into the fashion world… so sneaky, I’m far from impressed. Boycott :) 

What else is happening in my world? I bought a pair of shoes, the sales associate told me they would stretch out. I realized that was a big fat lie to try and make a sale. Then, when I called to order my size in, a new associate told me they had my size in stock. WHAT? so, now i have to waste time and gas money to drive to the city and pick up my precious shoes that I should have already had. Things could be worse :)

Haven’t had a huge amount of time to sit and blog, I’ve been busy and its been storming like mad here. I decided to stay at my parents the last couple nights due to tornado warnings and I really don’t have a great shelter in case one touched down. We are all safe, God is good. Unfortunately there are alot of trees and other unidentifiable debris floating about… 

Its almost the weekend, Yay!